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Varta Guide Empfehlung 2014

Orchard footpathsOrchard footpaths

One of the special features giving the Lake Constance region its unique flavour is the widespread existence of ancient traditional orchards.

At the present time, seven dedicated “orchard” walking routes are being developed in the Lindau area.

Orchard landscape in the hinterland of Lake Constance

Creating a valuable ecological balance

The combination of present-day farming methods and encroaching suburban sprawl has resulted in the disappearance of much of our traditional countryside and its associated habitats.

And the steamroller of modern development does not draw the line at orchards. In many places they are already in decline.

With the aim of preserving for future generations the great variety of fruit types traditionally grown here, this new extensive network of orchard footpaths through the hinterland of lake Constance is dedicated to promoting each and every possible means of securing their continued existence. So, for example, newly planted orchards in the town centre of Lindau play a crucial role in providing an ecological counterpart to existing building development plans.

Oberreitnau orchard footpath

The view from the Hangnach observation point extends from Oberreitnau right down to Lake Constance, and provides striking proof of just how greatly our landscape is dominated by the presence of ancient orchards.

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