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Autenrieth sailing schoolAutenrieth sailing school

This sailing and motorboat school is situated on the fabulous island of Lindau, on the harbour alongside the town’s symbolic lighthouse and rampart lion.

The school boats are moored at jetty no. 5, the very best place to enjoy Lindau’s fabulous harbour views.

Autenrieth sailing club

“Practice makes perfect”…

…This is the principle by which our pupils, young or old, learn to handle sailing or motorboats. First they learn how to navigate around the harbour where the boats are based; then the owner and sailing instructor Hanna Autenrieth prepares them for venturing out onto the lake and finding their way around other harbours.

In doing so she has developed a special empathy with the ladies in the group, ridding them of any inhibitions they may have, and encouraging them to sail with confidence and enjoyment.

Under her individual guidance, water sports pupils are in good hands right from the beginning.

Sundowner sailing and day trips

Sail off into the sunset across the beautiful bay of Bregenz. Maximum group size 6 persons. Prices on request.

Day excursions and bathing trips, e.g. to Bregenz or Alten Rhein. Maximum group size 6 persons. Prices on request.

Please visit our website for further information about these special offers:

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