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Lake Constance by boatLake Constance by boat

A boat trip on Lake Constance really does you good! Enjoy a trip on the water with a cool breeze in your face; a great way to discover Lake Constance and its wonderful surroundings!

A boat trip on Lake Constance - Lindau harbour by night

Life on the lake

Discover what Lake Constance and its shoreline have to offer! From Lindau you can visit Bregenz, Konstanz, Meersburg as well as many other attractive destinations.

Choose from a selection of attractive round trips and excursions – explore Lake Constance by boat! It’s the simplest and most comfortable way of visiting the loveliest places on the lake.

You will love it! The “White Fleet” shipping line opens up a whole world of opportunities. Running from April till mid-October, this scheduled boat service links up all the main lakeside towns and attractions.

Gastronomy on board

The on-board catering service provides a reasonably priced selection of tasty regional dishes to whet your appetite. Take a seat and pick out your favourite – you’ll be spoilt for choice!

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