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Varta Guide Empfehlung 2014

The Skywalk, AllgäuThe Skywalk, Allgäu

If you have a head for heights, why not come and enjoy a very different woodland experience? In the town of Scheidegg-Oberschwenden, in the western area of the Allgaeu region, following the path through the treetops will make you see the forest in a completely new light!

Skywalk Allgäu

An exciting experience whatever your age!

Okay, so what is a treetop path, exactly? The path extends for a distance of approx. 540 metres and, as it is a suspension bridge, it can sway slightly in places.

It extends right through the tops of the trees, offering fabulous views over Lake Constance, the Alps and the surrounding hills.

Access is possible either up a gently sloping path with steps and viewing platforms, which runs along the edge of the forest, via a flight of steps, or by means of a lift installed in the observation tower.


Barefoot track, nature trail, geo-caching and lots more exciting things to do!

On the barefoot track, visitors of all ages are invited to try out a selection of different materials underfoot!

Take off your shoes and socks and take your time using your feet to assess the various natural substances. Why not try it in pairs, with one of you blindfolded?

On the Explorers’ Nature Trail, you can experience the local wildlife “up close and personal”! A series of information points will help familiarise you with your woodland surroundings.

Geo-caching is a modern version of “hunt the thimble”, whereby a series of pre-planned spots are hunted down using GPS. The hunt involves leaving the beaten track and venturing along narrow paths, over sticks and stones, through thickets, clearings and little “gorges”. As a result, even the most familiar landmarks can present an exciting challenge!

Skywalk Allgäu

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