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Varta Guide Empfehlung 2014

Säntis cable carSäntis cable car

Fast schwerelos gleitet man mit der Schwebebahn hinauf zum Säntisgipfel. Während der zehnminütigen Fahrt liegt einem das idyllische Appenzeller Land zu Füssen. Modernste Infrastruktur sorgt ausser- und innerhalb der Kabine für höchsten Fahrkomfort.

You feel almost weightless as the cable car sweeps you up to the top of the  Säntis. During the 10 minute ride, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the idyllic Appenzeller region, far below. The latest technology ensures the highest degree of comfort and safety, both inside and outside the cabins.

Säntis rises above a sea of fog

A world of pure fascination at an altitude of 2,502 metres

Full of hope and expectation, you sweep up through the thick grey mist to the top of the mountain. A few seconds later the sun breaks through and brings a smile to your face – you’ve won your bet!

At your feet a sea of fog, mysterious and impenetrable, stretches away to the horizon. Snow-capped mountains glisten in the sun, an unrivalled panorama unfolds in all its splendour. Welcome to the Säntis, a fascinating alpine world at an altitude of 2,502 metres.

Panoramic views from Säntis

Stunning views

You really need more than two eyes to fully appreciate the views from the Säntis. From the top of the mountain, with its 123m high radio mast, let your eyes sweep over the superlatively unforgettable panoramic views of the Alps. On an especially clear day you see as far as the TV tower in Stuttgart, over 170 kilometres away as the crow flies. From the Säntis there are simply stunning views as far as the eye can see.

Säntis cable car

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