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Varta Guide Empfehlung 2014

Excursions & EventsExcursions & Events

Lindau offers an unrivalled year-round programme of events, ranging from the very special to the absolutely unique!

Rhein Schauen Museum

Museum and Rhine Railway, Lustenau

Here, in the Rhine-Schauen area, you will find a museum of a completely different nature! What makes it especially fascinating is the combination of factory yard, exhibition and service railway.

Pfänder peak, Bregenz

Pfänder peak, Bregenz

This is the favourite lookout point above Lake Constance. Take the cable car to the top of the Pfänder peak, at a height of 1,064 metres.

Whether you prefer a short circular walk or an extended hike, a network of well-signposted and clearly marked walking tracks caters for every taste. For the walk around the alpine zoo you should allow at least half an hour. Setting out from  the Pfänder mountain restaurant, the first inhabitants you will meet are the children’s favourites, the dwarf goats, rabbits and Captain Cook pigs.

Inatura Dornbirn - Black Apollo

Inatura Natural History Museum, Dornbirn

Experience Dornbirn’s Natural History museum, where a series of state-of-the-art multi-media presentations depicts all aspects of natural life in Vorarlberg - both animate and inanimate. Technology also plays a part in the hands-on “science zones”.

Säntis cable car

Säntis cable car

Fast schwerelos gleitet man mit der Schwebebahn hinauf zum Säntisgipfel. Während der zehnminütigen Fahrt liegt einem das idyllische Appenzeller Land zu Füssen. Modernste Infrastruktur sorgt ausser- und innerhalb der Kabine für höchsten Fahrkomfort.

You feel almost weightless as the cable car sweeps you up to the top of the  Säntis. During the 10 minute ride, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the idyllic Appenzeller region, far below. The latest technology ensures the highest degree of comfort and safety, both inside and outside the cabins.

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