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Lindau – a cultural townLindau – a cultural town

As they greet you with enthusiastic anecdotes from the hotel’s history, you are left in no doubt as to Gert and Karin Wimpissinger’s pride in their lifetime’s achievements here at the Lindauer Hof.

Lindauer Hof today


The first recorded mention of Lindau was in a document dating back to the 9th century, when it originally referred to a convent. In a relatively short space of time it seems to have developed into a thriving market town, before being upgraded to the status of an independent imperial city in the 13th century.

Unearthed during renovation works, a building block engraved with the year 1612 yielded the first clue to the origins of the Lindauer Hof. However, taking into account its prime position close to the 13th century lighthouse, it would seem likely that the building is considerably older than this.

Lindau town hall

Documented history

The documented history of the present-day Lindauer Hof, shows that the inn then known as the “Deutsches Haus” was taken over on 12th February 1876 by the master tailor Johann Dittling and his wife Kunigunde. In line with the proverb “stick to your own trade”, a mere two years later it changed hands again, setting the trend for a whole string of different owners, trade uses and names.

Ownership of the Lindauer Hof only regained stability in 1910, when Jakob Stoffel bought it for 230,00 gold marks. When he died, the hotel passed to his daughter, Christine Rhomberg, who ran it until the death of her husband in 1974. At that time, at the age of 75, she sold the hotel.

Nearly 40 years ago, in the year 1975, Gert and Karin Wimpissinger bought the “Café and Hotel Lindauer Hof”. After a very short time it became clear to them that this new challenge was to be their mission in life. They also intended the hotel to become their new permanent home, a goal they achieved in December 1979.

Extensive renovations in the 1980s and 1990s laid the foundations - and the design of the ground floor – of the present-day Hotel Lindauer Hof.

This phase in the modernisation programme culminated in the year 2001, when the top floor was extended and redesigned. This year also saw the introduction of the spacious, comfortable junior suites and a fabulous roof garden.

Karin Wimpissinger also made the courageous decision that the façade of the building should undergo an extravagant repainting scheme. By enhancing the already unusual original design, this move contributed greatly to the present hotel’s unique personality and style.

After a relatively short break, the Wimpissingers were still restless and unsatisfied! In 2007 they began to renovate and modernise all the remaining rooms, and to introduce a contemporary state-of-the-art design. As a result 13 unusual deluxe rooms emerged, each with its own individual colour scheme, and all with flat-screen TV and the latest digital technology, wireless internet access, lap-top safe, mini bar, electrical window blinds and air conditioning. Exclusive bathrooms with top-of-the-range fittings completed the picture, further enhancing the guests’ confidence in the comfort and sheer luxury they could reliably expect at the Lindauer Hof. Since hoteliers such as Gert and Karin Wimpissinger could hardly be expected to rest on their laurels, it is not surprising that a host of new projects is in the pipeline for the next few years. Everyone is waiting with baited breath to see what comes next, in the fascinating ongoing story of the Hotel Lindauer Hof!

One thing, however, has remained unchanged over the centuries. Catering to the needs of the most selective and discerning guest, the Hotel Lindauer Hof is a place where hospitality is not just a word, it is also a tangible asset. And to enhance it still more, the hotel enjoys an unrivalled position directly on the Lindau harbour promenade, with breathtaking views across Bregenz bay to the mountains of neighbouring Austria and Switzerland.

Gert and Karin Wimpissinger have dedicated nearly 40 years of their lives to their guests’ well being, and still work tirelessly to ensure that the highest standards of traditional hospitality and service are upheld, both now and in the future.

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